Hip-Hop Wisdom: Nappy Roots – “Good Day”

It’s nice when people are happy, and Nappy Roots certainly embrace that attitude more than most rappers. Their song “Good Day,” a Greg Street-produced single off last summer’s Innerstate Music, is positive rap to the max, complete with a child-chimed chorus.

In addition to rhymes about cleaning up, dressing up, and generally feeling good, Nappy Roots offer hip-hop’s most barbecue-friendly Patron recipe: “orange Kool-Aid go good with Patron.” Sounds even better than the Incredible Hulk (Hpnotiq and Hennessy; it’s actually pretty good).

Rapper Big V gets even more culinary, describing all the fixins for a proper fish fry:

Church folk had a fish fry
Mustard, hot sauce
Light bread, french fries
Love for the big guy

Fried fish and fries? Sounds like a good day.

MP3: Nappy Roots – “Good Day”


One response to “Hip-Hop Wisdom: Nappy Roots – “Good Day”

  1. I think Big AL 360 produced it. Greg Street is pretty much the hype man for it.

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