Hip-Hop Wisdom: Using “Scarface,” Clipse Raps to the Kids

Yet more evidence for why Clipse are some of the best rappers around: In one verse Malice justifies hip-hop bragadoccio, marries his boasting with humility, AND takes a smart potshot at positive rappers at the same time. From Hell Hath No Fury‘s “Hello New World”:

I ain’t coming at at ya, quote unquote “famous rapper”
Who turn positive, try to tell ya how to live
But this information I must pass to the homies
If hustling is a must, be Sosa, not Tony
We can all shine, I want your wrist lit like mine
Neck and ears, I want it lit like mine
Foreign cars, stick shift, six gears like mine
Anything that keep mama from crying, visiting
You from behind that glass, while you await sentencing
But the judge is saying “life” like it ain’t someone’s life

Though Malice distinguishes himself from positive rappers, he borrows from their evangelical techniques, combining them with hip-hop boasting and materialism to give advice that bling-seeking kids want to hear: “We can all shine,” if you listen to Clipse and follow their path of drug dealing. But don’t just push. Be the kingpin. Be Alejandro Sosa, not Tony Montana. Foreign cars and diamonds sound a whole lot more appealing that the spiritual enlightenment Jurassic 5 promises for adhering to Islamic dietary laws.

Malice ices the cake with the last few lines, sure to nab anyone not swayed by the promise of riches. If you mess up and get put away, you’re hurting you and your whole family — so all the more reason to be Sosa, above the risky dirty work. Let’s play that wisdom again:

But the judge is saying “life” like it ain’t someone’s life

MP3: Clipse – “Hello New World”


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