The Black Ghosts Channel Mark Wahlberg

Even for verbally obsessed people like us, listening to poetic, slow-growing music can get tedious. Whether it’s a crowded city bus or too-hungover Sunday morning, there are lots of times we just want to throw on some instant gratification. Comfort food — or even junk food — for the ears.

I often look to electronic and dance music for my comfort listening, and lately that niche has been filled completely with the self-titled debut from The Black Ghosts. It’s packed with highlights, beginning with the opening track, “Some Way Through This.” Shivering strings, trip-hop percussive tics, and a new wave vocal line are all dressing on what is essentially a crunk beat. The bass drops on the one and stays there.

The rub? A closer look reveals another hip-hop similarity — lyrics that mimic rap’s aggressive posturing:

If this house was on fire would you tell me your desire
If my hands were ’round your throat would you tell me what I need to know

The lyrics mostly lean toward the emo/pop side of things, with a sensual bent a la Duran Duran’s “Ordinary World.” But the singer’s shift from achy crooning to violent demands reflect a lover lashing out. Boy, if I had a nickel for every time that happened…

MP3: The Black Ghosts – “Some Way Through This”


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