Hip-Hop Wisdom: Lil Wayne – “Seat Down Low”

Wordsworth Media and Weezy F. Baby Productions present:

Weezy Wisdom: An Educational Adventure

Hip-Hop Wisdom is usually a pretty simple bit. Someone says something real funny or real smart, and you get to hear it. But today you’re gonna learn something. The line, from “Seat Down Low” on Da Drought 3, is:

I am so so New Orleans
Like 1825 Tulane

“You gotta be from New Orleans to know what the fuck I’m talking about,” Weezy says as the synthified horns from the Mannie Fresh beat (originally from T.I.’s “Top Back”) fade out. Well now you don’t. Here’s the quick rundown, straight from NOLA-area comedy singer and online nostalgist Benny Grunch:

Rosenburg’s Furniture Store at 1825 Tulane Avenue absolutely won the radio and TV promo spot lifetime achievement award. The simple address, sung in a kindergarten child’s voice with no accompaniment, is totally indelible. You can’t forget it, ever. “Eighteen Twenty Five… Too- lane”

Hear the original jingle after the jump — 1,024 times more adorable than when Wayne sings it.

MP3: Lil Wayne – “Seat Down Low”

(Rosenburg’s jingle is at 2:45)


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