Hip-Hop Wisdom: Beat Juice in Four Words, Lil Wayne’s “Cannon”

“Cannon,” the near-legendary cut from Lil Wayne’s Dedication 2 mixtape, is stunning through and through — possibly the best use of guest verses this decade. Every rapper — Wayne, Freeway, Detroit Red, Willie the Kid, and Juice — puts in a couple knockout punches. It’s like watching the Harlem Globetrotters as they toy with the “cannon” sample, shooting behind their backs, dribbling between their legs. But the most quietly impressive trick comes from Juice, tucked away until you think the last verse is over:

I’m hot, they fannin’

That’s it; four words. Can anyone beat that? “Fuck you, pay me” gets thrown around a lot, but that’s from Goodfellas. Surprisingly, the best that comes to mind is from Kanye West, who in the song “Two Words” spits:

I am limelight
Blueprint, five mics

In three words he points to his biggest success (at the time) and the pretty irrefutable cred that comes with The Blueprint getting The Source‘s perfect five-mic rating. The list of albums sharing that honor includes the saints of the hip-hop canon: Run-D.M.C., Straight Outta Compton, Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), The Chronic, Illmatic, and Aquemeni, just to name a few.

So: Who else has achieved such perfection in four words or less? Readers, I need your help on this one.

MP3: Lil Wayne – “Cannon” (feat. Freeway, Detroit Red, Willie the Kid, and Juice)


2 responses to “Hip-Hop Wisdom: Beat Juice in Four Words, Lil Wayne’s “Cannon”

  1. The Whole F'n Show

    This will keep me occupied for the next 6 hours, thanks. Got one that immediately came up.

    Biggie on ‘Hypnotize’, verse 3:
    ‘Escargot, my car go/
    one-sixty, swiftly’

    Infinitely quotable–when this comes on at a party, the down broads sing along with this part, even if they don’t know anything other than this (and the parts about clothing….’Miami, D.C., prefer Versace’). Just say ‘Escargot, my car go’ to yourself to understand why its such a satisfying line.

    Here’s the video, which was the beginning of the truly flashy ‘Summer Blockbuster’ rap shoot–yachts, speedboats, high speed chases, cristal, cash in the air, etc;

  2. yo this song is waveyy when you smackedd

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